Private Events

Host your next special event at Lush Art's Studio.  We will provide a unique and memorable experience for you and your guests!

How do private events work at Lush Art Studio?

Select a painting from our gallery or let us know if you have a special request.   We will provide use of the studio for the class, along with a dedicated art instructor and all required materials, including canvases, brushes, acrylic paint, and aprons. 

You can bring in your own food and non-alcoholic beverages or cater. Due to Warner Robins laws BYOB of alcohol is unavailable.  Lush Art has a beer and wine license and has beer and wine (by the bottle) available for purchase during adult classes.  

You will have access to our tables and chairs.  You must provide all paperware such as plastic table cloth for food table, plates, napkins, utensils and ice.   Doors will open 15 minutes prior to the start time of the painting class.  You are responsible for all clean up of party foods and decorations. NO CONFETTI.  We will take care of all the painting mess.  

Lush Art's Creative Art Studio will offer:

  • Children’s or Adult Birthday Parties 
  • Engagement Parties
  • Parent and Child parties
  • Christenings/Confirmation
  • Graduation Parties
  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Corporate Teambuilding Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Holiday Parties
  • Family Reunions
  • Deployment Parties
  • Going Away Parties
  • Bridal or Baby Showers
  • Date Nights
  • Couples' Retreats
  • Most any occasion

What are the party size requirements and costs?


For our children parties, the child host can pick a painting they would like from our gallery, we keep them age appropriate and limited to 3-5 paint colors.  You may bring in any decorations (NO CONFETTI, balloons can only be used as decoration and are not for children to play with during party), food, beverages.  I would not suggest trying to host a meal.  A few snacks and cake are recommended.  If you would like to reserve more time, you may do so (when available) for an additional $50, per half hour. The cost breakdown is:


$200 (nonrefundable, and due upon booking) for 2 hours of time, up to 10 painters (host child plus UP TO 9 guests) on 11x14 canvas boards.  Additional children over the 10 are $15 each.  The final guest list is due 48 hours before party.  Any extra children that come ON party day that are not already paid for and we have to stop and prepare another seat on party day will be $20 each and will be due upon party completion.  There are no refunds for no shows.  

2 hours includes 15 minutes of set up and 15 minutes of clean up.  Party time for guests lasts 1.5 hours and includes the painting and then cake and gift opening time.  Our artists will take care of the painting part but the parents are responsible for maintaining control of the cake and gift time.  Our artists are not babysitters.  An adult MUST stay at the party during the entire session.  

A digital invitation will be created and emailed to you for you to print and send out to your guests.  We recommend this invite be used as it includes important information for your guests' parents. (Not applicable for last minute parties.)

Children parties are generally held on Saturdays at either 11 am or 1 pm.  Fees are due upon booking and are nonrefundable.  Any additional painters are due 48 hours in advance.  Make sure all guests are informed they must RSVP prior to that time and that the party starts promptly at party start time. All party attendees should be in aprons and sat down before start time, as that is when teaching will begin.  Parents are responsible for helping late comers to catch up.  Please tell your children we are here to have fun, but Lush Art is not a play place.  No running or jumping or chasing is allowed.  We have concrete floors and art and supplies everywhere.
Can Lush Art provide any other birthday services?
For an additional $25 fee, paper goods and juice can be provided.  All you would need is the cake.  Must be booked in advance.
Can I purchase extra time for the birthday parties?  
For an additional $50 fee, an extra 30 min may be added.  
Do you offer Sunday classes?
For an additional $25 fee, Sunday classes may be available.  


Adult Private Parties with require a minimum monetary attendance for the party to be held.  The host may choose the painting subject.  There will be a nonrefundable $200 deposit due at the time of booking on all Adult Parties.  NO refunds will be given on private parties that don't reach the minimum, as this block of time has been reserved for your group. You are responsible for making a payment for the difference.  $400 must be met one week before party date.  The cost is $40 each.

Times available for adult private parties are...  Monday-Thursday evenings at 6:30-8:30 or Saturday at 3 pm-5 pm. You will be provided a secured pay link for guests to register and make their payments.  This allows the convenince of everyone paying individually. You will be painting on 11x14 or 12x12 canvas.   

For a cheaper per person option, If you want to pay for a lump number of painters in advance, we can provide a discount for your group.  You will be responsible for getting people there to fill the seats and they will be paying you individually.

(up to 18 painters) $650.  There is a $325 non-refundable deposit due upon booking.  The $325 balance is due upon booking.  The $325 balance is due one week in advance of party date.   

(up to 24 painters) $700.  There is a $350 non-refundable deposit due upon booking.  The $350 remaining balance is due one week in advance of party date.  

(up to 33 painters) $850 There is a $425 non-refundable deposit due upon booking.  The remaining $425 is due one week in advance of party date.

The only paintings available for this option will be ones that do not require pre-sketching.  This is a great option if you want to throw a fundraiser.  You can charge whatever you want per seat above the fee you are paying us and keep the profit.  Your event will include an art instructor, artist's assistant, 11x14 canvas, paint, and supplies for UP TO the class size of people paid for.  


  • A less structured available option is having your shower at Lush Art, using our space, tables, and chairs... but instead of having everyone paint a separate painting your guests will paint one 16x20 painting for the guest of honor to take home.  The Lush Art artist will call each guest up to paint a section of the painting throughout the event.  The cost of this is $125 an hour (2 hour minimum). This option is only available during weekday hours or Saturday at 11 am or 1 pm.  
  • This time includes supplies for painting and a Lush Art artist to assist guests and finish up the painting. The Lush Art artist is responsible for any painting clean up but the host is responsible for any party/food clean up and can dispose of trash in our plaza dumpster. 
  • The 15 min set up and 15 min clean up times are incorporated in the 2 hours. The actual shower last 1.5 hours. You can purchase extra time. For an additional $50 fee, an extra 30 min may be added.  
  • We can either use a past design of ours or we can create something to fit the occasion. For example for baby showers we would paint something to match the nursery. 
  • Up to 33 people can attend. That's our studio max. 
  • You have the option of providing either a cash or open bar for the guests. So for mimosas you could bring OJ and purchase champagne from us. 
  • No outside alchoholic drinks are allowed.  Warner Robins law prohibits BYOB of alcohol.
  • You may bring in any decorations (NO CONFETTI), food, non alcoholic beverages.  

Do you offer Fundraiser Events?

Yes. Please read above for details.  Please contact us for more information by completing the form below.  A representative will contact you the following business day.

How do I schedule a private event?

To schedule a private event, please submit your request via the form below.  A representative will contact you the next business day confirm the details.

How do corporate Team Building events work?

2-3 hour team building event includes all painting materials & instruction.

Options available:

Collaborate to create a mural for your office - the scene will be sketched onto individual canvases by the artist prior to the event:
Select a painting from our gallery (or a custom design can be created for you) and the group will be led together through step by step instructions and every one can go home with their own masterpiece

Please contact us for more information here.  A representative will contact you the following business day.

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