About Us

How did Lush Art begin?

Lush Art began when two friends took a look at Sip and Paint businesses.  Cara and Jodie never really liked what they were offering, and felt they simplified the painting too much. They lived in a small town in North Carolina and wanted to offer something similar, with their personal artistic touch, to the people in town.  They love to paint and love to drink, hence the lush name.  We wanted to provide a fun way to help friends paint locally.  Lush Art of Clinton was born in January of 2013. 

How did Lush Art end up in Georgia?

Cara, along with her family, moved to Georgia in late September 2013. She decided to take Lush Art to a new level in Warner Robins, Georgia.  She has always been a big believer in small business and shopping locally. 

What is Lush Art of Warner Robins?

Book a spot at one of our classes featured on our calendar where a pre-sketched canvas and all the supplies will be ready for you and an artist will be teaching the painting for everyone using step by step instruction.  There is also be beer, wine, water, and sodas available for purchase.  

Do I need to be able to paint?

No!  Not at all.  Waiting for you when you arrive will be the pre-sketched canvas, all the paint and brushes you will need, and an apron to wear while you paint.  Then a Lush Artist or assistant will check and see if you would like to purchase a drink, wine and beer by the bottle, sodas and water are also available.  As Warner Robins has many liquor laws, Lush Art will provide a disposable plastic cup with your wine, and offer you an opener to use.  You will be required to open and pour your own beverages due to the laws.  Once everyone is settled with their refreshments, the Lush Artist will walk you through the painting step by step.  Painting an example along with you, and offering comments and suggestions for your painting.  You will then have a personal painting YOU created to take home and a FUN memory of the evening.  

Does Lush Art offer Kid's painting classes?

We plan birthday parties for kids each Saturday and have a Family Friendly class once a month.